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Uses for Japanese Handmade Chiyogami papers

Gift voucher with decorative strip of Chiyogami paper                                Invitation made special with the use of Chiyogami paper       

There are many some uses for our beautiful Chiyogami, Himalayan and decorative papers.

We use then in Bookbinding for endpapers and decorative panels. They are also used by people creating Artists' Books, Collage Artists. Architects. Conservators. Graphic designers, Interior designers. Calligraphers. Printmakers. Letterpress printers. Photographers and those designing packaging and for gift wrapping.

Here are some examples from our  shop-card-making, paper jewelry, invitations, promotional cards such as gift vouchers, packaging and Origami. Yes, we have origami packs in the  shop and I will put  them on the website very soon. Hope you like the beautiful bands of Chiyogami around an order Kevin is about to send to a customer who does invitations.

Chiyogami piece folded to create this origami crane    Chiyogami strips to decorate customer's order       Bookbinding made special with endpapers and decorative strip on the front cover

If you create interesting pieces of art or craft with these papers please send us an image and let us promote your work. Send it directly to my email - sydneybookbinding21@gmail.com

I am inspired to offer some workshops playing and experimenting with different techniques using these papers. Please let me know if you would  be interested. Workshops are held on weekends, usually Saturdays but any new ones will not be until later in the year.


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