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Frequently Asked Questions about orders etc..


our website orders are for within Australia only

If you are overseas we suggest you contact someone you know in Australia and they can both order and receive the goods on your behalf. For enquiries please email Kevin on - kevin@amazingpaper.com.au

How do I pay?

There is a minimum order value of $20 (although this amount can include the postage). Payment can either be done via us phoning you back for credit card details, EFT or via PayPal. Currently we are no longer taking international orders.

What discounts are available?

Please contact Kevin on 0407 775789 or kevin@amazingpaper.com.au to discuss discounts.

Shipping costs and sending out your order

For all orders being sent the Grand Total shown on the Order/Payment page includes the $15.00 shipping cost.

For all normal orders requiring one parcel up to a maximum weight of 5kgs we charge a flat rate of $15.00. Additional postal charges may need to be added for orders above this weight.Kevin will contact you to discuss this if required.

What size is your paper?

A4 is the standard paper size. It is 297mm x 210mm.  Our printable papers are in this size.  We also stock larger size sheets of decorative/Oriental Papers.  The sheet sizes vary from paper to paper and is noted in the information for the particular paper.

A5 is half an A4. It is 210mm x 148mm.

A6 is half an A5. It is 148mm x 105mm (postcard size)


What size envelopes are available?

The envelope sizes below come in a wide range of colours and paper types. They are the most common Envelope sizes.

DL - 110 x 220mm (standard business size, Post Office Preferred)

C6 - 114 x 162mm (postcard size, Post Office Preferred)

11B - 90 x 145mm (Post Office Preferred)

C5 - 162 x 229mm  

160mm square / 150mm square / 130mm square / 100mm square

130mm x 185mm / 130mm x 190mm

What sort of printer can I use?

Many of our customers are doing their own printing using a laser or inkjet printer at home or work. It is advisable to know what sort of printer you will be using before coming to the shop or ordering online as some papers are only suitable for one type of printer.

An inkjet printer uses small ink cartridges and generally requires an absorbent surface for the ink. Papers with a pearl or metallic finish, and translucent papers, often don't work well in an inkjet because of the non-absorbent finish on the paper. The ink may take a long time to dry and may "bleed" or "feather", and may not produce a sharp image.

A laser printer uses “toner” as the “ink” which is fused to the paper by heat, and is therefore recommended for use on metallic, pearl and translucent papers.

Although photocopiers use a similar method to laser printers, they often use a different heat and speed, and will not necessarily produce the same results as a laser printer.

We have included a recommended printer type for all the Printable Papers we stock. If you wish to use a different type of printer than that recommended, we strongly advise you to test the paper first as we cannot be responsible for any resulting damage to the printer or paper.

Paper Weight: This is the term used to describe the thickness of the paper. Paper or “text” weight ranges from 80gsm to 125gsm. Card or “cover” weight ranges from 200gsm to 330gsm. Most printers for home use have a maximum recommended paper weight for printing onto of around 160gsm, which is midway between paper and card weight. With the exception of our “Mid-weight” card, we don’t recommend printing on card weight if you are using a home printer. Information on the weight of all our paper and card is included in the description of the item.

Professional Printing Services: a professional printer can usually print on a variety of surfaces and weights, and can sometimes print with metallic and/or raised inks. If you intend using a professional printer it is a good idea to check with them first about what they can and cannot print on, and their preferred size.


Can I get a refund?

Apart from your statutory rights to a refund, our refund policy is as follows. We do not give refunds for change of mind - for example, you have bought too many, you want to change the colour, you have decided you no longer need a particular item. However, we will gladly exchange or issue a credit note for goods returned to us undamaged, and in their original packaging, within 14 days of receipt by you. Postage and handling charges for goods returned for exchange or credit are at the expense of the customer. 

Errors & Discrepancies

Any errors and discrepancies must be brought to our attention within seven days of receipt of goods.


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