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Arbelave Buckram Bookcloth

We offer an extensive range of 79 different bookcloths with different finishes. These include plain colours, linen, canvas and decorative plus synthetic leathers.

These are available per metre or 1/2 metre lengths (recommended for mail order). For enquiries please contact Sydney Bookbinding by e: rosemarie@sydneybookbindiong.com or e: admin@amazingpaper.com.au

We are slowly adding images and details of our bookcloths.

This first and most popular range is the Arbelave Buckram (AB code). This is avery robust 'Library Buckram' cloth with a nicrocellulose finish. Any accidental spills of PVA can be easily removed and marks due to use similarly cleaned off. Codes and prices are for 1/2 metres.

If you require 1 or more metres of a colour please email your order to Kevin - orders@amazingpaper.com.au   Final price and postage charges will be calculated accordingly.

If you require 1 or more metres and it can be cut to half metres for you then we can mail order but if you can pick up from the shop we can keep it in one length.



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