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Chelsea, Duo, Calabria, Suedex and Canvas bookcloth

Chelsea cloth is suitable for full bindings. It is a lighter cloth to the Arbelave Buckram and a smaller coloure range. It has a more linen like surface.

Duo cloth is two toned and in other respects similar to Chelsea.

Calabria is a lace like decorative covering material available in two colours.

Suedex is suitable for lining boxex and 'made' endpapers. I have made small books successfully using it for the covers.

The two Canvas cloths have that raw canvas texture.

Be careful not to get PVA on the surface of the above bookcloths as it seems impossible to remove without leaving a mark

Codes and prices are for 1/2 metres.

If you require 1 or more metres and it can be cut to half metres for you then we can mail order but if you can pick up from the shop we can keep it in one length.

If you require 1 or more metres of a colour please email your order to Kevin - orders@amazingpaper.com.au   Final price and postage charges will be calculated accordingly for these individual orders.

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