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There are a lot of papers used specifically in bookbinding. There is repair tissue, a strong pure Gampi paper. A pure Kozo used to laminate thin papers and fabrics to make a suitable covering material, especially silk,  as well as strengthen edges and torn pages. Sometimes used to mend inner and outer hinges hinges. It can be dyed to a suitable colour.

There are endpapers from plain colours of different weights to richly patterned Japanese, Himalayan and other handmade patterned papers.

Acid free & Archival Quality Bookbinders board is only available in 2.4mm thickness. Note for posting each full sheet of the bookbinding board is cut down into 4 x 1/4 size pieces..approx.1/4 size piece = 455mm x 345mm..Customers picking up from shop can choose to take the full sheets uncut.

Celebrating 31 years of supplying Bookbinding Supplies around Australia.

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