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This category has a selection of papers suitable for use as endpapers for bookbinding.Aside from these any of our Chiyogami or Nepalese Himalayan papers are perfectly OK to use.Also shown is our New Bookbinding Starch Paste which is the ideal adhesive to use for all these papers as it adheres very well and dries perfectly clear without any splotcheness on the paper surface.

Also our Bookbinder Rosemarie Jeffers-Palmer has an interesting Bookbinding Blog.It's a work in progress with interesting images and information.We invite you to check it out and let us know what you think..simply click on the following link. https://sydneybookbinding.com

Plus check out our Christmas Gift Vouchers..go back to our homepage menu and click the category link to then check out these stylish gift vouchers..handcrafted with Japanese Chiyogami paper with a matching decorative lined envelope to put the voucher into.

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